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Mackenzie Blair assumes new role as Director at B-Capital

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Mackenzie Blair joins the B Capital Team

He joins as Associate with B Capital Services Ltd in London
October 2022


Federal Banks Rate Hikes

How will this affect the buying of property and mortgages? Duskascopy TV asks Lorne Baring for his view. (Minute 5.47)
October 2022


B Capital Welcomes Emeline Dapsalmon

Emeline joins B Capital SA as Analyst
September 2022


Inflation – When Will Prices Return To Normal?

As basic day-to-day items continue to rise in price, living costs across the world are being tested and societies globally are wondering when things will return to normal. Dukascopy TV ask B Capital’s MD, Lorne Baring, for his view. (Minute 2.36)
July 22


Russia: Effects Of Sanctions

Almost six months after the invasion of Ukraine started, what are the true effects of international sanctions imposed against Russia? Lorne Baring offers his thoughts in this latest interview with Dukascopy TV. (Minute 1.57)
June 2022


Tourism’s Recovery From Coronavirus 

By 2019, the travel & tourism sector was a $9.8 trillion industry and contributed 10% to global gross domestic product. And then came the pandemic… Two years on, where are we now? B Capital’s MD, Lorne Baring, talks to Dukascopy TV. (Minute 4.02) 
June 2022


Gold – A Safe Haven Asset

Lorne Baring, MD of B Capital, talks with Dukascopy TV about the factors currently affecting the price of gold, and what investors around the world believe and expect from Gold in the long and the short term. (Minute 1.50)
May 2022


Press Release: Jon Henley Joins B Capital

Delighted to welcome Jon Henley into the B Capital team. Jon joins as Partner, Lending Solutions.
March 2022


CityWire 2019

This article, written by Lorne Baring, managing director at B Capital, was originally published in the April issue of Citywire Switzerland.


Currencies March 2018

Currency forecasts with Lorne Baring on a Dukascopy TV interview in Geneva.


CityWire Wealth Manager

Walking around Ardington House in Oxfordshire, Wealth Manager’s Libby Ashby gets to know Lorne Baring, once the highest revenue private banker at Barclays and now MD of B Capital. Listen now to hear about his journey from 10 years in the British Army into the investment world. Hint: fluent Portuguese helped!
March 2018