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Give Wings To Your Family Wealth

About Us

Established in 2008, B Capital is a Swiss multi-family office & investment management firm. We have teams in Geneva, London, Malta, Lisbon and the Cayman Islands.

Investment Portfolios


We start by asking about your long-term goals and objectives and compare them to your current asset allocation. Then we analyse your attitude to risk.  We construct and implement an asset allocation plan with you using all the asset classes and with your preferred bank providing the account.  The portfolio strategy is expressed using passive investment funds to reduce costs to  as  low  as  0.04%  p.a.

Private Equity


We  advise  on,  co-manage  and  administer  several  billion  dollars  of  private  equity   investments  on  behalf  of  our  clients.    Our  investment  universe  is  multi-sectoral  and  we  are  regularly  able  to  offer  investment  opportunities  to  clients  in  club  deals  and  co-investments.    The  high  calibre  of  B  Capital  clients  means  we  see  a  constant  flow  of  deals  in  which  our  investors  can  participate.

Multi-Family Office


Since 2008, we have supported  high  net  worth individuals and their families in managing, protecting and growing their wealth.  We offer a family office service to our clients with round the clock banking support and advice to ensure that daily  banking  needs  are  met.    We  also  work  for  other  family  offices  and  trustees  under  specific  mandates  to  help  achieve  their  aims.  

Lending Solutions


In  our  London  office  we  have  a  Lending  Solutions  desk,  which  is  dedicated  to  helping  clients  borrow  in  a  cost-effective  and  efficient  way.    We  work  with  a  panel  of  over  50  lenders,  including  commercial  and  private  banks,  lending  funds,  family  offices  and  specialised  lenders  for  bridge  finance,  property  deals,  yacht  and  jet  finance,  amongst  other  types  of  loans.  



Privacy  and  ongoing  confidentiality  are  very  important  for  wealth  protection  and  the  security  of  our  clients.    We  select  and  recommend  trustees according  the  needs  and  geography  of  our  clients.    We  advise  clients  on  the  benefits  and  costs  of  the  proposed  trust  solutions  and  act  as  an  independent  advisor  on  a  constant  basis.    We  regularly  act  on  behalf  of  clients providing  corporate  holding  vehicles.

Why Us?


Our team is comprised of people with experience  in  many  disciplines  of  finance, but we all have this in common  -  a commitment to ethics and integrity. We  have  worked  together  as  a  team  for  two  decades  and  have  seen  many  economic  cycles  and  financial  crises.     This  experience  is  what  you  need  for  the  future .    You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance.


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