STUDYING the outbreak of the coronavirus globally

As the Coronavirus takes headlines everywhere we thought it useful to provide a global tracker that shows the cases live on your screen.  Click the action button below to start the live tracker:

citywire wealth manager

Walking around Ardington House in Oxfordshire, Wealth Manager’s Libby Ashby gets to know the well-travelled Lorne Baring, MD of B Capital. Once the highest revenue private banker at Barclays, hear his journey from 10 years in the British Army to the investment world. Hint: fluent Portuguese helped!


Currency forecasts with Lorne Baring on a Dukascopy TV interview in Geneva, 2018


Doubleline Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach on chance of a recession and the Fed rate decision.  October 2019.


Discussing the euro vs the dollar and inflation trades in case the world economy slows down, Geneva 2017.

SURVIVAL of the euro

In this interview we forecast that the euro would survive the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis but that some countries may end up leaving the currency bloc, Geneva 2012.

Active or Passive? BBC Radio 4 "The Bottom Line"

The investment industry - luck or judgement?   In this podcast from the BBC a panel of investment professionals debate whether it is better to invest in an active investment fund or track the indexes with passive funds.  We suggest a core passive portfolio complemented  satellite active funds is not a bad idea.  Hosted on Radio 4's "The Bottom Line" by Evan Davis.

The Investment Industry - Luck or Judgement? (mp3)


Online PRESS

Here are some of the latest articles about B Capital in the press and curated for you.


Citywire : "passive inflows are here to stay... here’s why"

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Citywire : "passive inflows are here to stay... here’s why"

This article was written by Lorne Baring, managing director at B Capital, and was originally published in the April issue of Citywire Switze...

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